The Jerry Harvey Saga of Sound

How it all went down.

Years ago, JHAudio founder, Jerry Harvey, was touring with the band Van Halen as a monitor engineer. In-ear monitor technology was still in its infancy, so when drummer Alex Van Halen considered giving it a shot, Jerry began to investigate. After trying (and quickly discarding) the available in-ear options, Jerry funneled his experience with large arena sound systems and engineered the first 2-way, custom-fit earpieces.

Van Halen couldn’t have been happier with the result, and word quickly spread to other artists and engineers. Before long, Harvey founded his own company, designing and manufacturing in-ear monitors for musicians and audiophiles alike. By focusing on cutting-edge design and exceptional audio quality, his IEMs quickly became the industry standard in reference earphones.

Next, Jerry set his sights on the skies — and that’s where his new company, JH Audio, got its start. A pilot since 2003, Jerry rocked the wild blue yonder with his groundbreaking custom earpieces. His designs fit snugly, offering effective, comfortable ear protection, clearer in-flight communication and unparalleled sound — because no pilot should have to be airborne without his favorite jams.

Next came his new endeavor in IEMs: The JHAudio Pro Series — a collection that left the world of audio without excuse, providing a direct hookup to incredible, unadulterated sound as it had never been experienced before.

So the Jerry Harvey saga of sound continues. And who knows what he’ll throw at us next. But whatever it is, there’s one thing we know for sure: It’s going to blow you away.

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