Freqphase Time | Phase Waveguide

Introducing Freqphase by JHAudio. Everything in sync. Everything perfect.

Freqphase U.S. Patent No. 8,925,674

By reengineering how and when sound is traveling to your ear, JHAudio has come up with their newest advancement in in-ear technology, the Freqphase Time | Phase Waveguide.  Freqphase creates the world's first phase coherent earphone by delivering the low, mid and high frequencies to your ear at once.

Notice the curve in the chart of the competitors six driver, triple bore IEM. The phase curve is slower in the low end and much faster across the mid and high frequencies.  The result is a phase curve that is shaped like a ski slope.  

Now, look at the JH16Pro phase curve with the Freqphase waveguide.  Although it is a few degrees out in some spots it is relatively flat and very phase coherent.  This makes a huge difference in the soundstage and imaging, especially anything panned and mixed between 10 and 2 o’clock. 

Now shipping with the JH13Pro, JH16Pro and JH16Pro +JH3A


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