Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your burning questions.

How do I order from JH Audio?

Find the product you want to buy, add it to your online cart and proceed to purchase. We hope you are keeping up with this flood of information. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. No Monopoly money please.

Do you offer coupons or discounts?

Occasionally, we will run a coupon promotion and advertise it using our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.  Please follow and like us to find out right away!

Do you offer special pricing for non-profits?

Please contact us directly if you are a non-profit group, such as a School or Church.

Can I get a refund if I don't like my in-ear monitors?

Sorry, all sales are final.  Choose wisely!

Where can I get my impressions made?

You can get impressions done at the Laff Factory on Tuesday nights, but it's not recommended. An audiologist is your best bet. Check our Preferred Audiologist page or search the Sonus network using your zip code. Hearing aid centers are a dandy resource as well, especially if you like rubbing your rock and roll lifestyle in the faces of the elderly.

How should I ship the impressions to the lab?

Bust out the bubble wrap and pack your impressions so they can't bounce around, double check to make sure they won't get smashed during transit (this goes for repairs too!!), then send them on to the lab: NEW LOCATION: JH AUDIO / ATTN: Lab 111 West Jefferson Street, Suite 300, Orlando, FL 32801

What about Customs, Duties and Taxes?

The customs office of the destination country may impose customs fees, import duties, taxes, and other charges to your international order where applicable. These additional charges required for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient. When your order arrives at the Destination County Customs either our shipper FedEx, or the Customs office will contact you directly to arrange for the payment of any charges that may be due. In some circumstances FedEx is required to pay certain duties and taxes in advance, on a customer's behalf.

For instance, FedEx may pay an advance fee when countries require that duties and taxes be paid prior to Customs release or prior to certain items clearing customs. In these instances, FedEx will assess an Advancement Fee surcharge that will be billed to the party designated to pay duties and taxes. Please be advised that Jerry Harvey Audio LLC has no control over these charges. The actual amount charged by customs may differ for each country.

Please contact your local Customs office for further details.

What about Customs, Duties and Taxes on REPAIRS?

**International Repair Shipping Procedures**

International shipments are subject to import duties and taxes (VAT). To avoid these additional charges when shipping International repairs to Jerry Harvey Audio LLC, a Foreign Shipper’s Declaration Form must be filled out and sent with the package. Jerry Harvey Audio LLC reserves the right to charge you for any fees incurred at time of package receipt due to failure of proper return procedures.

What is the typical turnaround time once you receive my impressions at the lab?

Our current turnaround is approximately 14 business days. 

What colors are available for my earpieces?

Click here to view them all. Each color is available in either translucent (see-through) or solid (opaque). 

What is an ambient vent?

An ambient vent is a small tube, which is bored into an earpiece to limit isolation. This allows the user to hear outside, "ambient" sounds. Typically, stage performers who do not wish to be completely cut-off from their audiences request the ambient vent option. If you won't be taking the stage, we wouldn't recommend you go for this option — as it can drastically affect the sound quality of the earpieces.

What case will my order come in?

To protect your earpieces, each order comes in a Jerry Harvey Signature IEM Case. We'll even personalize your case with your name or nickname — whichever is less embarrassing.

What comes in the box?

Inside your personalized case, you will find: your custom earpieces with cable attached and a wax tool.

Save a tree! Find our instruction manual here.

What shipping company do you use?

We use FedEx for domestic and worldwide shipments.

What file types do you prefer for artwork?

Just about any file type will work, if you're talking our artists language though, that would be a vector graphic (.eps, .ai file types). For everyone else, please make sure it's a high-resolution image, otherwise, it'll be difficult to get the best reproduction. And no one wants that. If you send us an animated GIF, we will probably make fun of you, fair warning.

Where can I see examples of other peoples' artwork?

Check out our Flickr Feed or JHAUDIO's awesome Facebook Page.

Is it true you offer free artwork?

Yup. We're just cool like that. The JH Audio flying girl logo and the JH Audio name stamp can be added to your order free of charge. Unless you request otherwise, the default color for this free artwork is orange.

How should I clean my earpieces?

To clean your IEM, wipe the shells with a damp cloth or antiseptic wipe. Do not put liquid into the canal, as this may cause the audio to shut off (Note: sweat may also clog the acoustic damper, but normally, audio will come back when the damper dries). Use the wax tool provided to remove excess wax from the canals, hold the earpiece with the canals toward the floor (let gravity help you out), being careful to pull the wax out and not to push the wax into the canal (This can affect sound quality and driver operation).

If you have wax that you cannot remove, send the earpieces to us and we will remove it (Yes, you read that right - we will gladly deal with your nasty ear gunk. Some of us even have kind of a thing for it). Your IEM may also like it if you occasionally sing to it, but that's your call, not ours.

Do you sell accessories, including spare cables?

What do you think we are, amateurs? Visit the JHA Gear section of the site to check out all the available JH Audio accessories. Including some you probably haven't even thought of, Mr. Smarty Pants.

Is there a difference between the clear and black cable?

Yes. One is clear, and one is black. Glad we could help.

Why is my clear cable turning green?

Over time, because of perspiration and body oil, the cable may oxidize and turn green. This "greening" does not affect the audio quality of the cable. It is purely a cosmetic change. The same thing happens to most celebrities. You can always order a new cable from JHA Gear if it's freaking you out.

What if I don't like the shell color?

While we strive to make your earpieces exactly as requested, sometimes colors come out a little differently than expected. Therefore, we cannot guarantee colors. We suggest using the IEM Designer to help you decide on your shell color before placing an order.

What if I don't like how my artwork came out?

At JH Audio, we hand apply your artwork on each earpiece. We think this makes the experience a little more "custom" and unique. While we strive to make artwork exactly as requested, sometimes it comes out a little differently than expected. As a result, we cannot guarantee your artwork. But if that picture of Ronald McDonald's simpleton friend Grimace isn't as purple as you hoped, you have the option of paying a $85 (single color) or $120 (multicolor) art change fee and we can redo, change or remove it (for a small fee) - the last thing we want is for you to lose sleep over a less-than-perfect fast food mascot.

What if my earpieces are defective?

It's highly unlikely - we build these things to last! - but it could happen. That's why we offer a one-year parts and labor warranty on all earpieces. This warranty covers the earpieces only (Sorry, cables and accessories not included). Fill out the Warranty/Repair Form and ship those puppies back to us.  You'll have to take care of the shipping costs to our lab, but after we make the fixes, we'll return your babies to you on our dime via FedEx Express Saver or FedEx International Economy.

What if I break my earpieces somehow?

Uh oh!  Did your IEMs get a boo-boo? We can provide a quote for the work before you ship them to us, just email  If you're gonna skip the quote and live dangerously, just fill out the Warranty/Repair Form and ship those puppies back to us.  You'll have to take care of the shipping costs each way.  

What if my earpieces need a refit?

We create each set of IEMs directly from your ear impressions.  Make sure that your ear impressions are made exactly as requested to ensure proper fit.  Spend some time with your IEMs and then use this handy Warranty/Repair Form to tell us how we can improve your fit, prior to sending it in.  Pack them up securely and send them back to us within thirty days and we'll see what we can do. It will be your responsibility to take care of shipping costs to our lab.

Help!  My earpieces are uncomfortable.  What do I do?

Keep wearing them, especially if you are new to custom IEMs.  If they feel tight, your ear will expand to accomodate the IEMs. It's totally normal. After a couple of weeks, if you are experiencing pain or iritation or the sound seems off, you should send your IEM in to our lab. But before you send it in, fill our our handy dandy Warranty/Repair Form so we know what's up when it arrives! Also, please use a marker to pinpoint the area on the IEM where the pressure occurs. (This will allow our lab to adjust your fit properly.) Then, send it in to us! Bam!

What if i there is no sound coming from one or both of my IEMS?

No sound? That's a bummer. One reason for lack of beautiful music could be wax build-up in the IEM. If you cannot reach the wax while cleaning with your wax tool, you will need to send it in for a deep cleaning by our lab. When wax builds up that deep inside the IEM it must be opened up and thoroughly cleaned by our technicians. There is a $50 for a Clean and Test due to wax, so clean your IEM after each use! See directions above. It also wouldn't hurt to get those ears cleaned regularly if you notice this is a recurring problem. Not a waxy person? A bad cable could be the culprit. Try switching the cable terminations from right to left and vice versa to see if that makes any difference. You can also try attaching a new cable. If you find the cable is the problem, there is no need to send your IEM in, simply go to JHA Gear and purchase a new cable.

Where's the bass?

Missing the boom boom? Push the IEM into your ear. If the bass returns, you have seal issue issue and need a refit. Within 30 days there is no charge. After 30 days there is a $50 refit fee. Either way, fill out the Warranty/Repair Form to let us know it's coming and then send it in and we'll help you with that!

Will sweat hurt the IEMs?

Ewww. Actually, our IEMs are made to dodge sweat, due to the length of the canal inside your ears. The IEM concept was originally for musicians (...and they sweat a lot). That being said, when sweating, don't take them out and put them in repeatedly because the sweat from the outside of your head could get inside the end of the canal and will shut off until the dampers dry out.  If they don't come back after a while, there could be another issue at hand.

Have questions about shell colors? Visit our FAQ page.