IEM Care

TLC for your IEM.

Your IEM may be a hard-core aural accessory — but even the biggest badass still needs a little love from time to time.

To clean your IEM, wipe the shells with a damp cloth or antiseptic wipe. Do not put liquid into the canal, as this may cause the audio to shut off (Note: sweat may also clog the acoustic damper, but normally, audio will come back when the damper dries). Use the wax tool provided to remove excess wax from the canals, being careful not to push the wax into the canal (This can affect sound quality). If you have wax that you cannot remove, send the earpieces to us and we will remove it (Yes, you read that right — we will gladly deal with your nasty ear gunk. Some of us even have kind of a thing for it). Your IEM may also like it if you occasionally sing to it, but that's your call, not ours.

Download the PRO MUSIC owner's manual (PDF)

Download the Aviation owner's manual (PDF)

Have questions about shell colors? Visit our FAQ page.